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Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52405
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Our History

Edgewood Animal Hospital was originally established in 1971. Since that time, the practice has changed,

evolved and improved into the modern pet clinic it is today. We are proud to have served the Cedar

Rapids and Marion area for more than 4 decades, and we strive to carry on the solid reputation our

original owners worked so hard to establish within the community. While many of the faces of the clinic

have changed over the years, the one thing that hasn’t is our unwavering commitment to helping you

and your pet enjoy as many happy, healthy years of companionship as possible.

Under our current ownership, the EAH team has adopted a new “esprit de corps” philosophy. This

common spirit propels us to continually raise the bar in providing quality care and exceptional service.

To that end, we have made many adjustments and improvements to help better serve the needs of our

clients and their animal companions. These enhancements include updating our hospital to become

completely computerized, and ensuring that we have access to all of the cutting edge tools and

technology we need to do our jobs most effectively.

At Edgewood Animal Hospital, we understand the special bond you share with your furry, feathered or

scaly friend. We strive to enhance and foster that bond in everything we do. Whether you’re new to the

Cedar Rapids or Marian area, recently adopted a new animal family member or you’re just looking for an

experienced vet that will provide you and your pet with the individualized care and personalized service

you both deserve, look no further.

We’d love to welcome you to join our family and hope for the opportunity to serve you both for many

years to come!