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Healthy teeth and gums play an important role in your pet’s quality and length of life. Without the proper care and attention, plaque and tartar buildup can lead to dental disease, which can wreak havoc on your pet’s entire body. Edgewood Animal Hospital offers complete veterinary dental care services to help keep your pet’s mouth healthy and clean. We also offer an array of home dental care products that will help you manage your companion’s oral health at home, in between visits. Together we will work hard to ensure that your pet enjoys a healthy mouth for life!

Could your pet use a breath mint? Do you shy away every time he or she comes in close for a kiss or a snuggle? Have you noticed a few yellow, broken or missing teeth recently? These are all signs that your companion may be suffering from a dental problem.

Clean teeth and healthy gums are the cornerstones to helping your animal companion enjoy a long, healthy life. If not properly cared for, bacteria can form on the teeth and below the gum line, leading to plaque and tartar buildup and eventually causing dental disease, a much more serious condition that can cause problems throughout your pet’s entire body. Yet, despite these sobering facts, dental care remains one of the most often neglected components of pet care.

The good news is, you can protect your pet from developing these dangerous oral health problems by committing to preventative dental care, both professionally and at home. Edgewood Animal Hospital can help!

Our team can evaluate your pet’s teeth and gums and determine if a professional dental cleaning is necessary. Oftentimes we find that there is significant dental disease when the pet has not even demonstrated any outward sign of a problem at home. It takes very severe, painful disease to make most dogs or cats stop eating. Our doctors are trained in the techniques necessary to preserve viable teeth, as well as how to extract those that need to be removed.

We have top-of-the-line dental equipment to scale off the plaque and tartar, polish the teeth, and section those teeth that need to be extracted. Our doctors and technicians are experienced in all of the most modern pet dentistry techniques, delivering effective care with a gentle, soothing touch. Even if you’ve never given your pet’s oral health a second thought, it’s never too late to get them started on the right path.

In addition to our comprehensive professional dental services, we also carry an array of home dental care products that will help you keep your pet’s mouth looking and smelling great. If you need guidance, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always happy to provide advice and tips on techniques that you can use at home, in between visits, to help maintain good oral health for the life of your pet.

You want your animal companion to enjoy as many happy, healthy years as possible, and so do we. It starts with a solid foundation of good oral health care. Together we’ll have your furry friend smiling pretty for years to come!

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