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Dog Lodging and Activities

Your pets are part of the family. Our entire staff understands this, and we promise your dog will be a part of our family while it stays with us.  We are exceptionally equipped to deal with puppies, healthy dogs as well as pets with special health issues. We are definitely not your typical boarding kennel!

For over eight years Edgewood Animal Hospital has been recognized and recommended as one of the premier hospitals in the area. We are now excited to deliver exceptional lodging, play activities and medication administration for our furry guests. Our new climate-controlled, pet resort has indoor play areas, music, outdoor potty walks and plenty of attention from medically trained staff. Our lodging staff of pet lovers will engage your pet in a variety of activities making your pet’s stay fun and enjoyable.

We offer:

  • High Quality Dog Lodging
  • Dog and Cat Grooming
  • Customized Playtimes and Activities for each pet
  • Discounted Activity Packages
  • Different activity packages to choose from
  • Puppy Package specially designed for their unique needs
  • TLC Package for Seniors and Pets with Special Needs
  • Our caring staff is trained in dog behavior, hospital grade cleaning standards and safety.  They will ensure your pet will enjoy a fun, active stay with us.
  • Contact us today to customize your pet’s next fun stay with us at our exceptional Cedar Rapids dog boarding facility.


Each pet staying with us receives:

  • An intake physical exam performed by a technician to verify health prior to admittance.
  • Two meals of highly digestible Royal Canin Gastrointestinal diet. (Alternatively, you may bring your pet’s normal diet for us to feed).
  • As part of our standard lodging, each pet will have access to an elimination area a minimum of three times daily.
  • Sleeping areas that are secure and clean, appointed with comfy bedding. All bedding is laundered each day.
  • Calming dog-friendly music.
  • Indoor, climate-controlled turf areas where they can exercise or play with our friendly staff.
  • If you choose, your pet can have a refreshing bath at the end of their stay.

Lodging for Pets with Special Needs

We are dedicated to catering to the needs of each animal individually. We are specially equipped to care for pets with health issues that may require medication administration or careful handling.

  • In addition to the standard lodging accommodations our expertly trained medical staff monitors the pets throughout the day.
  • Animal care charts are maintained daily in the pet’s medical record.
  • Oral and injectable medications will be given as prescribed. Medications must in the original containers with readable instructions.

Activity Packages

Our pet friendly, fun loving staff at Edgewood can find the right game or toy to initiate play, or take a walk around the park next door.  Our professional experience has shown that active and happy pets are healthy pets – especially when they’re away from home.  From puppies to seniors, they all benefit from regular interaction and activity.

Fun and activity are an essential part of every pet’s stay here at Edgewood.  We know that each pet has different needs and preferences, that’s why every play time session your pet receives will be customized to their individual needs.  We offer a variety of discounted activity packages from which to choose.

Our discounted, activity packages are made up of some of our most popular activities including:

  • One-on-One Playtime: Individual playtime with one of our lodging team members including fetch, toy chase and cuddle time
  • Business Break: An extra trip to the play yard or to the park next door for our canine friends who prefer additional potty breaks
  • Tuck-in & Story Time: The ultimate in pampering!  Private time with one of our lodging team members who will cuddle your pet, read a bed-time story, and prepare your pet for a quiet and peaceful night of rest.
  • Healthy Snack: A perfect solution for those guests that enjoy mid-day snacks!
  • Grooming & Spa: Treat your pampered pooch to a refreshing bath and brush, nail trim, shed control or a full grooming & styling appointment in our Grooming salon.
  • Don’t forget to ask about our special packages when you make your lodging reservation.


We feed a premium brand of Royal Canin Gastrointestinal dry kibble. Two meals a day are fed at approximately 8 am and 5 pm.  We can feed your pet’s own food if you like, providing you place each meal in a separate baggie labeled with the pet’s name.

Due to the nutritional demands and sensitive tummies of puppies, we recommend the owner provide their own food. Three meals per day can be fed if that is your puppy’s routine.

Bathing or Grooming

Our fun filled atmosphere allows pets to share common areas while playing with staff or exercising with a favorite toy.  And, even with the highest standards of cleanliness, this interaction and wet weather conditions may alter your pet’s natural scent. We offer discounted bathing services to all overnight pets.  We recommend a refreshing lodging bath prior to departure.

Alternatively, you can schedule the full spa. Your pet can receive a full bath, brush, trim and blow dry. Trained in the breed specific haircuts, they also perform grooming to your specifications.  Pets love the attention and pampering, while owners appreciate the clean smell and great look.  Please make your grooming request at the time of booking.


Over the last many years we have endeavored to build Edgewood Animal Hospital to the high caliber of professional services, knowledge and experience we enjoy now. Our team is well trained and dedicated to providing compassionate care to all animals in the hospital setting.  We now want to extend that same high standard of care and hospitality to lodging pets.  We know that choosing a trustworthy pet care facility is an important decision.  We also appreciate price is a consideration. Our Standard Lodging starts as low as $ 30 per day. Depending on the size of dog and time of year. Call us today to understand what is included in our standard lodging.

We hope you agree, in addition to price, there are other important considerations when choosing a safe, happy place for your pet, including:


We have reliable staff to ensure all of our guests are well cared for in a timely fashion.

We continuously invest in the proper training, equipment and protocols to keep our facility clean and comfortable.

Safety & Security

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pet is well cared for in a clean and secure home-away-from-home.  Unlike a home environment, our facility was built with pets in mind.  Our building has proper ventilation, fire prevention, security cameras, and sanitation procedures in place to create a safe environment for your pet.  From our pre-admission health screens, to our vaccine and fleas protocols, we protect your pet’s health.

Comfort & Understanding

Our staff is trained to understand and read your pet’s body language to better interpret your pet’s needs.  They are eager to handle and play with your pet in way best suitable for their age and physical requirements.  Our goal is to make every visit with us a happy and pampered experience for your pet.

Medical Expertise

We are trained to recognize signs of illness or distress in our visiting guests.  We are prepared to make special accommodations to ensure all pets are comfortable and healthy.  Licensed veterinarians are available during business hours to diagnose and treat any health concerns that may arise.  Access to veterinary care for pets with special needs makes Edgewood the best choice for lodging.

Pet Monitoring

Monitoring checks are performed throughout the day by our full team of pet care professionals.


Rather than including a one-size fits all approach to activities, we realize each owner knows their pet best, so you can choose the right amount and type of activity for your pet.  Call us today to customize your pet’s activity options and learn about our discounted activity packages.

Licensed Business

We are committed and follow all the local and state requirements.  Outside agencies are designed to regulate good, quality care.  These standards are designed to give you extra peace of mind that your pet is being cared for by professionals in a secure environment.


Edgewood Lodging often has limited availability, especially during busy travel and holiday seasons.  We encourage you to make your reservations as soon as possible.


To ensure quality service, reservations can be guaranteed with a credit card deposit.

Our Lobby will be closed on Major Holidays for drop-off and pick-up and although our receptionists will not be available to take your call, please rest assured that your pets are being well cared for by our staff. All emails and phone calls will be returned the following day.

Our lobby is closed for arrivals and departures on:  New Year’s Eve (at 12 pm), New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve (at 12 pm), and Christmas Day.  Please plan accordingly.

To ensure availability, it is recommended that reservations be made well in advance.

Check-in / Check-out / Hours

Check-in time begins at 8 am until 6 pm on weekdays, and 8 am to 11am on Saturdays.  There is always a full charge for the first day of stay, regardless of check-in time.  Please allow an extra 15 minutes in your schedule to ensure accuracy at check-in.

Check-out time is 12 noon (or earlier) in order to allow housekeeping ample time to properly sanitize and prepare each kennel for it’s next guest that afternoon.  Pets not picked up by 12 noon will require additional care and will be charged a $20 late check-out fee unless scheduled for a grooming or other elective medical services.

Due to security and accuracy considerations, we regret we cannot accommodate check-ins or check-outs during non-business hours.

We open and close at the following times:

          Monday – Friday          7 am – 7pm

          Saturday                      8 am – 2 pm

          Sunday                         4 pm – 6 pm    Pet pick up & by appointment only



What vaccines do you require?


Must be 12 weeks of age and have completed their first 2 series of DA2PP and Bordetella vaccinations and fecal testing.  (Must be given no less than 10 days prior)

Puppies over 18 weeks must have 3 series of DA2PP and Rabies vaccines.



Rabies:  Current in the last year for puppies and the last 3 years for adults

DA2PP:  Current in the last 3 years for adults

Bordetella:  Current in the last  6 months  (Must be given no less than 10 days prior)

Fecal test:  Current in the last year

Flea/Tick protection:  Current in the last month

Can I bring my pet's own food?

Yes, we just ask that you bag each meal separately and label it with your pet’s name.

What if my pet takes medications or needs special care?

Our staff is trained to accurately give oral and injectable medications.  Please provide medications that are labeled with the pet’s name, dosage and administration instructions.

Discuss with us about your pet’s requirements for specialized care, such as hand feeding, walking assistance, pee pads, etc. so we can understand their needs.

Can I bring in a favorite toy for my pet?

Absolutely. We’d love to play with and interact with your pet and their favorite toy.  We just ask that you limit the number of toys to 3 per pet.

Can I bring in my pet’s bed?

Although your dog may like its bed, we prefer to use our heavy bedding. We launder pet bedding every day to keep the rooms clean and fresh, and not all beds can be easily washed.

Can I add activities for my pet to do while it stays in lodging?

We would love to make your pet’s visit as fun and exciting as a vacation!  Let us add play time with staff, a walk in the park, or special pampering to make your pet feel special.  We have a selection of activity packages that are offered at a discount, or individual services can be purchased ala carte.

Can I come in for a tour?

Certainly!  Come in and visit our facility anytime during regular business hours.  Our friendly staff will be happy to take you on an informative tour.

Can my dog come in for a trial visit?

If you would like to see how your pet will adjust to a new lodging scenario, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary visit. You can bring your dog in on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoon for a visit. During this partial day stay, your pet’s comfort level and needs will be monitored and our staff can make recommendations. Please share any questions with our staff so we can create a fun, positive experience.

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