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Keeping your pet clean and healthy on the outside is almost as important as keeping them well on the inside. Edgewood Animal Hospital offers complete grooming services with professionals that possess more than 10 years of experience. Services include everything from bathing and blow dries to anal gland expressions, toenail trims, ear cleanings, and brushings. Have a special request? Chances are our groomers are up to the task! Let us help your pet look and feel his or her very best!

At Edgewood Animal Hospital, we believe that it’s just as important to keep our pets healthy on the outside as it is to tend to their wellness on the inside. Regular grooming promotes a cleaner coat, healthier skin and can help to reduce or eliminate many of the unpleasantries that often accompany owning a pet, such as odor, dander and shedding. Most importantly, a clean pet is a more confident pet, and makes a much better addition to the family.

EAH offers complete pet grooming services by professional groomers who possess 10+ years of previous experience. Bathing and grooming services include a bath, blow dry, outward anal gland expression, toenail trim, ear cleaning, and brushing. Show cuts are also available upon request. Have a special need or request? Our groomers are up to the task and happy to help!

Current vaccinations (including Bordetella for canines) and current flea control are required for all grooming guests. If vaccinations are not current, they will be updated at the time of your scheduled appointment.

Edgewood Animal Hospital grooming services also include the use of “THE FURMINATOR”. The furminator is a professional deshedding tool which reduces shedding by up to 90%. Our professional groomers offer a quick and easy way to remove the undercoat and loose hair from your pet without damaging the outer coat. Another beneficial service offered by our grooming staff is toenail grinding. After grinding, the nails have smooth edges and are less apt to snag you, your carpet or your furniture.

Whether it’s a simple nail trim or a full blown, luxurious spa experience, our grooming services will have your pet looking, smelling and feeling their very best in no time!

Puppy Grooming Services

We recommend that your puppy’s first grooming experience occur when he or she is less than 6 months old. This allows us to gradually establish a routine without frightening your pet. At times, the sound of the clippers or even just bathing may “surprise” little ones. Every effort is made to make their experience a positive, enjoyable event.

If you are looking for gentle hands with a tender touch, look no further than the grooming team at Edgewood Animal Hospital.

Contact us today to schedule your pet’s next grooming session!

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